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  • Fortress Fight 2 game

    Fortress Fight 2

    Avatar: Fortress Fight 2

    Smash your opponent's fortress before yours is reduced to rubble!

  • Super Brawl 2 game

    Super Brawl 2

    Super Brawl 2

    Ready to Brawl? Choose from 22 of your favorite characters and battle for supremacy!

  • Avatar State Brain Blitz game

    Avatar State Brain Blitz

    Avatar State Brain Blitz

    Are you the ultimate Avatar fan? Prove it by taking a new quiz every week!

  • Know Your Nemesis game

    Know Your Nemesis

    Know Your Nemesis

    Underdogs unite and kick some bully butt!

  • Master of The Elements game

    Master of The Elements

    Avatar: Master of The Elements

    Fulfill your destiny! More Avatar here!

  • Escape the Spirit World game

    Escape the Spirit World

    Avatar: Escape the Spirit World

    Help Aang escape the Spirit World.

  • The Path of Zuko (AD) game

    The Path of Zuko (AD)

    Avatar: The Path of Zuko (AD)

    Adventure through hundreds of missions as Prince Zuko (AD)

  • Avatar: Earth Healers game

    Avatar: Earth Healers

    Avatar: Earth Healers

    Help Aang and the gang go green and foil the Fire Nation in this game!

  • Legends of the Arena game

    Legends of the Arena

    Avatar: Legends of the Arena

    Test your skills against bending masters from around the world!

  • Arena game


    Avatar: Arena

    Create your own Bending Master and battle for supremacy!

  • Boiling Rock Rescue game

    Boiling Rock Rescue

    Avatar: Boiling Rock Rescue

    It's the ultimate jailbreak! Help save prisoners of the evil Fire Nation!

  • Elemental Escape game

    Elemental Escape

    Avatar: Elemental Escape

    Help Aang and the gang escape from a Fire Nation prison!

  • Fortress Fight game

    Fortress Fight

    Avatar: Fortress Fight

    Go head to head vs. a friend in this multiplayer Avatar game!

  • Rise of the Phoenix King game

    Rise of the Phoenix King

    Avatar: Rise of the Phoenix King

    Square off in the ultimate battle for bending supremacy!

  • Four Nations Tournament game

    Four Nations Tournament

    Avatar: Four Nations Tournament

    Choose your nation and enter the biggest Bending Ball tournament of all time!

  • Ashes in the Air game

    Ashes in the Air

    Avatar: Ashes in the Air

    Zuko set the town on fire! Help Aang and Katara extinguish the flames!

  • Bending Battle game

    Bending Battle

    Avatar: Bending Battle

    Aang's under attack! Help him defeat Zuko and his underlings!

  • Treetop Trouble game

    Treetop Trouble

    Avatar: Treetop Trouble

    Help Sokka hop across the treetops and rescue an entire town!

  • Aang On! game

    Aang On!

    Avatar: Aang On!

    Help Aang train for his biggest battle yet!

  • Trials of Serpent's Pass game

    Trials of Serpent's Pass

    Avatar: Trials of Serpent's Pass

    Guide a band of hearty travelers through the perilous Serpent's Pass!

  • Word Search game

    Word Search

    Avatar: Word Search

    Prove you're a Wordbending master with this puzzle!