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140 Games
  • Dib's Nano Chase game

    Dib's Nano Chase

    Attention Earthenoid: It's up to YOU to save Dib's brain from Invader ZIM!

  • Hangman game


    Solve the words and save Jenny from unsightly rust spots!

  • Half-Pipe Challenge game

    Half-Pipe Challenge

    Drop in and carve up a massive beachside halfpipe!

  • Biking game


    For wicked BMX action, it's time to pump some pedals and jump some puddles, dudes!

  • Killer Snowboard 3D game

    Killer Snowboard 3D

    Own the bowl in this 3D shred-fest!

  • The Great Juju Challenge game

    The Great Juju Challenge

    Hop in a prehistoric hot rod and battle it out in this Tak racing game!

  • In-Sanitation game


    Will invading germs spell DOOM for Invader ZIM?

  • Backyard Smashball game

    Backyard Smashball

    Smash huge homeruns AND Jimmy's neighborhood in this backyard baseball game!

  • Lightspeed Liftoff game

    Lightspeed Liftoff

    Count down and launch Jimmy's multi-level game!

  • Hyper Corn game

    Hyper Corn

    Help Jimmy rescue his family from combustible creamed corn!

  • Cookie Time game

    Cookie Time

    Help Jimmy get his time travel control under control!

  • Carl Squared game

    Carl Squared

    Send OUT the clones and save the real Carl!

  • Rocket Power: Crossword game

    Rocket Power: Crossword

    Cowabunga! It's our EXTREMEly cool crossword!

  • Fill-Ins game


    Fill in the blanks and make frightfully funny ghost stories!