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135 Games
  • Sushi Sprint game

    Sushi Sprint

    Help Guano escape from the Sushis and unlock the "Kappa Mikey" cast!

  • River Rush game

    River Rush

    Rush down the river and soar through the skies as Tak!

  • Squidtronic Scooter game

    Squidtronic Scooter

    Reggie's new scooter really rocks! Can YOU keep it under control?

  • Word Search game

    Word Search

    Stop looking for ghosts and search for ghoulish words instead!

  • Squid's Slap Shot game

    Squid's Slap Shot

    Think you can score when the Squid's in the goal? Start shooting!

  • Twister Vision game

    Twister Vision

    Direct your own action-packed "Rocket Power" videos!

  • Techno Tennis game

    Techno Tennis

    Help Jenny take a whack at Brad in this hi-tech tennis game!

  • Personality Quiz game

    Personality Quiz

    How do YOU fit into the Teenage Robot scene? Take our Personailty Quiz to FIND OUT!

  • Word Search game

    Word Search

    Test your metal with Jenny's word search!

  • Power Surf Challenge game

    Power Surf Challenge

    Shoot the curl and thrash that trash!

  • Mini Game Mania game

    Mini Game Mania

    There's a cornucopia of great games in this Nicktoons collection! Play all 20!

  • 3D Snow Kart Rally game

    3D Snow Kart Rally

    Put the pedal to the metal in this 3D Nicktoons kart racer!

  • Cow Tips game

    Cow Tips

    Need advice? Take some pointers from a bona fide animal oracle!

  • Boy Tipping game

    Boy Tipping

    Take revenge on cow tipping kids in this 3D "Barnyard" adventure!

  • Egg-cellent Adventure game

    Egg-cellent Adventure

    Help Pip keep the hen-house safe from Dag's claws and jaws!

  • MOO-sic Mixer game

    MOO-sic Mixer

    Mix up some "Barnyard" beats with Daisy and Bessy!

  • Dib's Nano Chase game

    Dib's Nano Chase

    Attention Earthenoid: It's up to YOU to save Dib's brain from Invader ZIM!

  • Hangman game


    Solve the words and save Jenny from unsightly rust spots!

  • Half-Pipe Challenge game

    Half-Pipe Challenge

    Drop in and carve up a massive beachside halfpipe!

  • Biking game


    For wicked BMX action, it's time to pump some pedals and jump some puddles, dudes!

  • Killer Snowboard 3D game

    Killer Snowboard 3D

    Own the bowl in this 3D shred-fest!