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  • Wild Grinders: Industry Escape game

    Wild Grinders: Industry Escape

    Dodge the guards and skate your way down the building to escape without getting caught by the security laser!

  • Dance Off, Clash On! game

    Dance Off, Clash On!

    Baddies are crashing the Nicktoons par-tay. Dance them back out the door!

  • Digimon Fusion: Shoutmon Smash game

    Digimon Fusion: Shoutmon Smash

    Play along with Shoutmon in this whack-a-mole styled game!

  • NFL Rush Zone: Scrambled Legs game

    NFL Rush Zone: Scrambled Legs

    Be quick on your feet and help these rushers get to the end zone!

  • NFL Rush Zone: Rushers Revenge game

    NFL Rush Zone: Rushers Revenge

    Play as a rusher and run through these Bots!

  • NFL Rush Zone: Emergency game

    NFL Rush Zone: Emergency

    The evil Blitz Bots have launched an attack on the Rushers! Rescue the game balls and bring them back to the safety zone.

  • NFL Rush Zone: Blitz Botz Blitz game

    NFL Rush Zone: Blitz Botz Blitz

    Enter the virtual world of Rush Zone. Score 7 Touchdowns and get an NFL Secret code!

  • Trick'd Out game

    Trick'd Out

    Think you have what it takes to be a Wild Grinder? Get Trick'd Out with Meaty!

  • Alvin & the Chipmunks: Munk to the Beat (AD) game

    Alvin & the Chipmunks: Munk to the Beat (AD)

    Match the corresponding arrow key to the falling notes.(AD)

  • Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (AD) game

    Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (AD)

    Click here to Munk Yourself! (AD)

  • Hero of the Shadows game

    Hero of the Shadows

    Infiltrate the Subsiders' secret lair with the all BRAND new level 3.

  • Lil Rob's Skate Game game

    Lil Rob's Skate Game

    It's time for Lil Rob to grind some rails and perform tricks to warm up for the big competition!

  • Best of the Bad Boys game

    Best of the Bad Boys

    We pit the Best of the Bad Boys against each other and now YOU decide which villain is the ultimate bad boy!

  • Girreatest Zim Moments game

    Girreatest Zim Moments

    Vote for your favorite Invader Zim Moment! Then see which one ranks the highest!

  • Armored Justice game

    Armored Justice

    Fight evil drones and defeat Mandarin to serve justice in this new Iron Man game!

  • (AD) Smurfs Cinema game

    (AD) Smurfs Cinema

    Catch a peek at the new trailer!

  • (AD) Smurfs Triviatorium game

    (AD) Smurfs Triviatorium

    Click here to see if you're smarter than the average Smurf. (AD)

  • Planet Doom game

    Planet Doom

    Will you survive Planet Doom?

  • Smurfs Movie (AD) game

    Smurfs Movie (AD)

    (AD) Smurfs Movie

  • Arus Desert game

    Arus Desert

    The newest level is so hot that it's in the Arus Desert! Help Voltron defeat Kala's spider!

  • Tarvos Asteroid Belt game

    Tarvos Asteroid Belt

    It's up to Voltron to blast pesky space enemies and defeat Wade's lion!