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  • Lil Rob's Skate Game game

    Lil Rob's Skate Game

    It's time for Lil Rob to grind some rails and perform tricks to warm up for the big competition!

  • Armored Justice game

    Armored Justice

    Fight evil drones and defeat Mandarin to serve justice in this new Iron Man game!

  • Ultimate Victory game

    Ultimate Victory

    It's up to Voltron to blast pesky space enemies and defeat Wade's lion in the all new level!

  • Germ Wars game

    Germ Wars

    Help Jay Jay get rid of all the germs before they take over!

  • Dangerous Dash game

    Dangerous Dash

    Make a Dangerous Dash up this mountainside path.

  • Clash of the Nicktoons Avatar Brain Blitz game

    Clash of the Nicktoons Avatar Brain Blitz

    How much do you know about Avatar's most explosive CLASHES?!

  • Ren & Stimpy: Mouth Trap game

    Ren & Stimpy: Mouth Trap

    Race for your life! Jump the tastebuds and tickle teeth to stay alive in this Mouth Trap!

  • Dr. Stankfoot's Revenge! game

    Dr. Stankfoot's Revenge!

    Dr. Stankfoot's loose in the streets of New Eden!

  • Farming Frenzy game

    Farming Frenzy

    It's harvest time. Get your shred on!

  • Nicktoons Avatar State Brain Blitz game

    Nicktoons Avatar State Brain Blitz

    Are you the ultimate Avatar fan? Prove it by taking these quizzes!

  • Good Gir Gone Bad! game

    Good Gir Gone Bad!

    Watch Invader Zim on Nicktoons!

  • Master of The Elements game

    Master of The Elements

    Fulfill your destiny! More Avatar here!

  • Mechanized Maelstrom game

    Mechanized Maelstrom

    Battle Dr. Doom and his mechanized minions.

  • Rush The End Zone game

    Rush The End Zone

    Score a touchdown to get an exclusive Nicktoons Club item!

  • Makluan Ring Rampage game

    Makluan Ring Rampage

    Got ace flying skills? Find out in this game!

  • Rogue's Life-Force game

    Rogue's Life-Force

    Get Rogue life force, but not from X-Men!

  • Cyclops' Laser Blast game

    Cyclops' Laser Blast

    Shoot optic beams at evil mutants!

  • Beast's Wall Smash game

    Beast's Wall Smash

    Make McCoy's massive muscles maul walls!

  • Wolverine's Slice and Dice game

    Wolverine's Slice and Dice

    Take your claws to the villains, bub!

  • Sentinel Slash game

    Sentinel Slash

    Get your claws into this "Wolverine" game!

  • Fortress Fight 2 game

    Fortress Fight 2

    Smash your opponent's fortress before yours is reduced to rubble.