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  • Fright Flight game

    Fright Flight

    Danny Phantom: Fright Flight

    Pit paranormal pilots against each other in a battle for Amity's skies!

  • Fitness Frenzy game

    Fitness Frenzy

    The Mighty B!: Fitness Frenzy

    Are you fit to play this game? PROVE it.

  • Viva Los Differences game

    Viva Los Differences

    El Tigre: Viva Los Differences

    Play to spot the differences in the pic on the right.

  • Mini Game Mania 2 game

    Mini Game Mania 2

    Nicktoons Superstuffed: Mini Game Mania 2

    So many games, your mouse may call a time out!

  • Tak Destiny Dash game

    Tak Destiny Dash

    Tak: Destiny Dash

    It's your destiny to play this high speed game!

  • The Coconut Drum game

    The Coconut Drum

    Tak: The Coconut Drum

    Catch coconuts for big points and throw them at parrots for bonuses!

  • Action Jack game

    Action Jack

    Danny Phantom: Action Jack

    Vaporize ghosts with some serious Fenton firepower!

  • Buzz Around Town game

    Buzz Around Town

    The Mighty B!: Buzz Around Town

    Help Bessie get across the city and find all the hidden badges. Collect juice boxes but watch out for Portia!

  • Rocket Power: Colorizer game

    Rocket Power: Colorizer

    Rocket Power: Colorizer

    Be a radical painter with the "Rocket Power" gang!

  • Sushi Sprint game

    Sushi Sprint

    Kappa Mikey: Sushi Sprint

    Help Guano escape from the Sushis and unlock the "Kappa Mikey" cast!

  • River Rush game

    River Rush

    Tak's Juju River Rush

    Rush down the river and soar through the skies as Tak!

  • Word Search game

    Word Search

    Danny Phantom: Word Search

    Stop looking for ghosts and search for ghoulish words instead!

  • Taffy Delivery game

    Taffy Delivery

    The Mighty B!: Taffy Delivery

    San Franciscans are laughy for Bessie get 'em the goodies!

  • Squidtronic Scooter game

    Squidtronic Scooter

    Rocket Power: Squidtronic Scooter

    Reggie's new scooter really rocks! Can YOU keep it under control?

  • Personality Quiz game

    Personality Quiz

    My Life as a Teenage Robot: Personality Quiz

    How do YOU fit into the Teenage Robot scene? Take our Personailty Quiz to FIND OUT!

  • Twister Vision game

    Twister Vision

    Rocket Power: Twister Vision Video Maker

    Direct your own action-packed "Rocket Power" videos!

  • Word Search game

    Word Search

    My Life as a Teenage Robot: Word Search

    Test your metal with Jenny's word search!

  • Power Surf Challenge game

    Power Surf Challenge

    Rocket Power: Power Surf Challenge

    Shoot the curl and thrash that trash!

  • Hangman game


    My Life as a Teenage Robot: Hangman

    Solve the words and save Jenny from unsightly rust spots!

  • Pier 13 Thowdown game

    Pier 13 Thowdown

    The Mighty B!: Pier 13 Thowdown

    Help Bessie escape the Dragonflies' now!

  • Rocket Power: Crossword game

    Rocket Power: Crossword

    Rocket Power: Crossword

    Cowabunga! It's our EXTREMEly cool crossword!