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75 Games
  • Parking Lot 3 game

    Parking Lot 3

    Mad parking skillz? We'll see.

  • Jungle Magic game

    Jungle Magic

    Use your match 3 magic to build power and become king of the jungle!

  • R.I.P game


    Guide troubled souls to the grave in this frighteningly fun puzzler.

  • Water Werks game

    Water Werks

    Use your Water Werks to get the blobs to safety!

  • Panda's Big Adventure game

    Panda's Big Adventure

    Trek through time solving puzzles to make it back to the present! (AD)

  • Conor Martin's RV Mayhem game

    Conor Martin's RV Mayhem

    Destroy the Evidence!

  • Escape the Spirit World game

    Escape the Spirit World

    Help Aang escape the Spirit World.

  • Nicktoons HoverZone (AD) game

    Nicktoons HoverZone (AD)

    SpongeBob and your favorite Nicktoon heroes battle through level after level of traps, puzzles and enemies to save the world! (AD)

  • Fluffies game


    Untangle the fluffies in this challenging puzzle game.

  • Clusterz game


    Take the challenge to clear the Clusterz! in this awesome match 3 puzzler.

  • Bubble Quod game

    Bubble Quod

    Living in a bubble is great, until you get sick of your own smell.

  • Connecto 2 game

    Connecto 2

    Put together some online fun in this fast-paced pipe-fitting puzzler.

  • Fashion Solitaire: Back to School game

    Fashion Solitaire: Back to School

    Solitaire gets decked out in style with today's hottest fashions!

  • Avatar: Earth Healers game

    Avatar: Earth Healers

    Help Aang and the gang go green and foil the Fire Nation in this game!

  • Flip n' Flow game

    Flip n' Flow

    Save water and slow the flow with Jimmy!

  • Mind the Blox game

    Mind the Blox

    Play Mind The Blox at Addicting!

  • DeConstruction game


    Ah, demolition. Is there a nobler profession?

  • The Flying Trapeezees (AD) game

    The Flying Trapeezees (AD)

    (AD) Set off to inspire the people of France with amazing aerial skills.

  • Bounce Out game

    Bounce Out

    Can you match up all the bouncey balls before they come crashing down?

  • Badge Barrage! game

    Badge Barrage!

    Help Bessie give Ben the runaround!

  • UltraLord vs. Squirrels game

    UltraLord vs. Squirrels

    Help Jimmy scoop up acorns before the angry squirrels have HIM for a snack!