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  • Match and Remove game

    Match and Remove

    Too many shapes! When colors match, you can click the batch to eliminate.

  • Gluey 2 game

    Gluey 2

    These colorful blobs are back! Click the blobs with eyes to make them go away.

  • Medieval Robot Defense game

    Medieval Robot Defense

    Defend your castle from robot invaders with a mighty cannon. These pixelated robots must be stopped!

  • Chickaboom game


    Silly baby chickens! Too young to leave the nest! Bring them back to earth with bubblegum. Pop a bubble to drop some chickens.

  • Droplem game


    Can't make your pieces fall right? Cut them up!

  • Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (AD) game

    Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (AD)

    Click here to Munk Yourself! (AD)

  • Grand Prix Go game

    Grand Prix Go

    Ready to Race? Bring your driving gloves. These cars look cute, but they pack a punch! Practice on each course before race day. Then qualify for your pole position. Drive like a madman, win some bucks, and upgrade that car! Place in the top three to unlock the next track. If you have epic driving abilities, you can unlock the Pro Series and take your wheels to the next level!

  • Curve Ball game

    Curve Ball

    Take pong to the third dimension.

  • Hero of the Shadows game

    Hero of the Shadows

    Infiltrate the Subsiders' secret lair with the all BRAND new level 3.

  • Lil Rob's Skate Game game

    Lil Rob's Skate Game

    It's time for Lil Rob to grind some rails and perform tricks to warm up for the big competition!

  • AddictingGames Mobile App game

    AddictingGames Mobile App

    AddictingGames Mobile App is #1 in the App Store! Get it today!

  • Bobby Nutcase Moto Jumping game

    Bobby Nutcase Moto Jumping

    Show off your mad motorcycle skills!

  • Red Boom game

    Red Boom

    Dislike balloons? Pulverize them!

  • Three Car Monte Carlo game

    Three Car Monte Carlo

    Match 3 goes Mach 3!

  • Jack in the Box game

    Jack in the Box

    Little spring-loaded puppet dudes belong in a box. Send them there by bouncing to your destination!

  • Jewelanche game


    String your gems together to keep the board clear!

  • Happy Clicks game

    Happy Clicks

    Send your happy balls to their goal, but don't click the yellow happy balls! Some are attractive, some are repellent, and others are just weird!

  • Go Go Bananas game

    Go Go Bananas

    Eat bananas and block out bad apes! Surround dangerous monkeys by eating bananas. Grab those delicious powerups for extra points and special abilities! There are more than thirty levels, but you will NEVER beat level 35, so forget it.

  • Trajectory 2 game

    Trajectory 2

    Back for more, huh? Walls and spikey things in your way? Buck up, pal! Aim, angle, shoot... just do whatever you need to do to hit that target. There is no sweeter feeling than watching your perfect shot hit the mark!

  • Best of the Bad Boys game

    Best of the Bad Boys

    We pit the Best of the Bad Boys against each other and now YOU decide which villain is the ultimate bad boy!

  • Cabin Wars: PicTORIous game

    Cabin Wars: PicTORIous

    Cover the canvas with your Cabin's color and you may just be...PicTORIous!