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  • Bobby Nutcase Moto Jumping game

    Bobby Nutcase Moto Jumping

    Show off your mad motorcycle skills!

  • Three Car Monte Carlo game

    Three Car Monte Carlo

    Match 3 goes Mach 3!

  • Farm Mania game

    Farm Mania

    Sow the seeds of action-packed strategy in this fast-moving farming game.

  • Hungry Hungry Hippy game

    Hungry Hungry Hippy

    Turn on, tune in, and munch out with this groovy puzzle game! And make your gameplay even more groovy with NEW premium items!

  • Crashdrive 3D game

    Crashdrive 3D

    Go your own way in this free-roaming racer!

  • Super Soccer Strikers game

    Super Soccer Strikers

    Take on the world with Super Soccer Strikers!

  • Drift 'n' Burn 4 game

    Drift 'n' Burn 4

    Race into the future on your sleek cycle and beat the Daily Challenge!

  • Fishing Girl game

    Fishing Girl

    Cast your line and reel in hours of fish-tastic fun!

  • Shreembo Jump game

    Shreembo Jump

    Help Shreembo see the sun in this action filled strategy game!

  • Jetlane game


    Speed through the galaxy in this star-studded daily racing game!

  • Steeplechase 2 game

    Steeplechase 2

    Saddle your steed for a new race every day!

  • Supreme Extreme Snowboarding game

    Supreme Extreme Snowboarding

    Shred a black diamond pulling sick tricks for high scores!

  • Race to Rome game

    Race to Rome

    Hop in your chariot to defeat Caligula in this epic racing game on Shockwave!

  • Elementals: The Magic Key game

    Elementals: The Magic Key

    Embark on a thrilling adventure and save a magician's sister from a sorcerer! (AD)

  • Rich Mine game

    Rich Mine

    Hit the mother lode of fun for the whole family in this action puzzler!

  • Neon Rider game

    Neon Rider

    Use your fast fingers to control this wild ride! Play Neon Rider today!

  • Build-a-lot game


    Build a housing empire with this awesome strategy game!

  • Demolition Dude game

    Demolition Dude

    Destroy boredom with this smashing puzzle game!

  • SkiManiacs game


    The Maniacs are back with a wild and addictive racing game!

  • Peggle Nights (AD) game

    Peggle Nights (AD)

    The sun has set at the Peggle Institute, but the bouncy delight has just begun!

  • Craqua game


    Use your crab claws to shoot scallops and krill to kingdom come!