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  • Cabin Wars: iFind Sasquatch game

    Cabin Wars: iFind Sasquatch

    Sasquatch alert! Find his footprints and you may just find the furry guy.

  • Potty Racers 3 game

    Potty Racers 3

    Become the best Potty Pilot ever!

  • Girreatest Zim Moments game

    Girreatest Zim Moments

    Vote for your favorite Invader Zim Moment! Then see which one ranks the highest!

  • Cabin Wars: Rush the Flag game

    Cabin Wars: Rush the Flag

    Cabin Wars is now open! Pick a team and play the first game, Rush the Flag.

  • Armored Justice game

    Armored Justice

    Fight evil drones and defeat Mandarin to serve justice in this new Iron Man game!

  • (AD) Smurfs Cinema game

    (AD) Smurfs Cinema

    Catch a peek at the new trailer!

  • (AD) Smurfs Triviatorium game

    (AD) Smurfs Triviatorium

    Click here to see if you're smarter than the average Smurf. (AD)

  • Planet Doom game

    Planet Doom

    Will you survive Planet Doom?

  • Smurfs Movie (AD) game

    Smurfs Movie (AD)

    (AD) Smurfs Movie

  • Blinkz game


    More physics blocks? Yes, but these blocks blink at you! Get the one-eyed cyclops box together with the other same colored box. Why? Because they are BFF from way back. How? Click everyone else! Please to not spill your blocks, though.

  • Arus Desert game

    Arus Desert

    The newest level is so hot that it's in the Arus Desert! Help Voltron defeat Kala's spider!

  • Park My Big Rig 3 game

    Park My Big Rig 3

    Think you can park? Step up and park with the pros! Take a double trailer truck and reverse it into a spot. Now, try not to stall on the train tracks. How many ways can you wreck your rig?

  • Tarvos Asteroid Belt game

    Tarvos Asteroid Belt

    It's up to Voltron to blast pesky space enemies and defeat Wade's lion!

  • Addictive Balance game

    Addictive Balance

    Place these staring shapes carefully and see if they last long enough to advance to the next puzzle!

  • Park My Plane 2 game

    Park My Plane 2

    Air traffic control is hard! Planes need your assistance to complete flights, gather passengers and take off again.

  • Ultimate Victory game

    Ultimate Victory

    It's up to Voltron to blast pesky space enemies and defeat Wade's lion in the all new level!

  • Battle to the Core game

    Battle to the Core

    Battle your monsuno, Lock against the evil S.T.O.R.M. and Eklipse monsuno! Unlock the Special attack with the code word "LOCK"!

  • Germ Wars game

    Germ Wars

    Help Jay Jay get rid of all the germs before they take over!

  • Jelly Cannon game

    Jelly Cannon

    Yellow jelly balls want to get together. You can help! Shoot blue jelly balls to push the yellow balls together. Make One Big Yellow Jelly to level up!

  • You're Toast game

    You're Toast

    Hey Toasty! There is a giant monster trying to eat you. Run like toast! Jump the gaps and pop into a toaster for a little boost.

  • Bloons 2 game

    Bloons 2

    Could the Bloons Monkey get any more amazing? Yes, he can. All new levels, all new features, a few Super Monkeys, and a Level Editor!