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  • Wild Grinders: Industry Escape game

    Wild Grinders: Industry Escape

    Dodge the guards and skate your way down the building to escape without getting caught by the security laser!

  • Grand Prix Go game

    Grand Prix Go

    Ready to Race? Bring your driving gloves. These cars look cute, but they pack a punch! Practice on each course before race day. Then qualify for your pole position. Drive like a madman, win some bucks, and upgrade that car! Place in the top three to unlock the next track. If you have epic driving abilities, you can unlock the Pro Series and take your wheels to the next level!

  • Curve Ball game

    Curve Ball

    Take pong to the third dimension.

  • Lil Rob's Skate Game game

    Lil Rob's Skate Game

    It's time for Lil Rob to grind some rails and perform tricks to warm up for the big competition!

  • Ish's Sub game

    Ish's Sub

    Defend your end zone against an onslaught of Blitz Bots!

  • Crashdrive 3D game

    Crashdrive 3D

    Go your own way in this free-roaming racer!

  • Super Soccer Strikers game

    Super Soccer Strikers

    Take on the world with Super Soccer Strikers!

  • Fishing Girl game

    Fishing Girl

    Cast your line and reel in hours of fish-tastic fun!

  • Supreme Extreme Snowboarding game

    Supreme Extreme Snowboarding

    Shred a black diamond pulling sick tricks for high scores!

  • Supreme Extreme Snowboarding game

    Supreme Extreme Snowboarding

    Freeriding in Beast Mode!

  • Championship Figure Skating game

    Championship Figure Skating

    Are your tricks good enough? Does your routine rock? Every part of your performance counts

  • Disc Golf Islands game

    Disc Golf Islands

    Take the Daily Disc Golf Challenge with a new, 9 basket course every day!

  • Carpocalypse game


    Demolition derby, "Barnyard" style!

  • Two Minute Football 3D 2010 game

    Two Minute Football 3D 2010

    The 2010 edition is here with all-new features!

  • Rush The End Zone game

    Rush The End Zone

    Score a touchdown to get an exclusive Nicktoons Club item!

  • Shiverin' Sheep Slide game

    Shiverin' Sheep Slide

    Put your sheep slidin' skills to the test in this icy cool "Barnyard" game!

  • Fishing Champion game

    Fishing Champion

    Become Fishing Champion at AddictingGames!

  • Show Jumping game

    Show Jumping

    Now you can finally own that pony you always wanted!

  • Four Nations Tournament game

    Four Nations Tournament

    Choose your nation and enter the biggest Bending Ball tournament of all time!

  • Squid's Slap Shot game

    Squid's Slap Shot

    Think you can score when the Squid's in the goal? Start shooting!

  • Twister Vision game

    Twister Vision

    Direct your own action-packed "Rocket Power" videos!