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73 Games
  • Super Sloth Bomber game

    Super Sloth Bomber

    Use bombs and balloons to clear Bombolia of pesky invaders!

  • Pop Shoppers TD game

    Pop Shoppers TD

    Stock shelves with stuff to keep carts & cash flowing in this consumer-themed defense game

  • All Cooped Up game

    All Cooped Up

    The Thanksgiving turkeys flew the coop! Help Otis round em' up.

  • Crumbled 2 game

    Crumbled 2

    Its up to you to draw your own conclusions!

  • Burger Shop 2 game

    Burger Shop 2

    Rebuild your burger empire in this scrumptious sequel!

  • Carrie's Country Jam game

    Carrie's Country Jam

    Carrie is back for some country style care giving!

  • Water Werks game

    Water Werks

    Use your Water Werks to get the blobs to safety!

  • Dental Adventure game

    Dental Adventure

    Glenn Martin is back with all-new dental dilemmas, new mini-games, and clips from the show!

  • Bobble Battles (AD) game

    Bobble Battles (AD)

    It's up to you to decide the outcome of your favorite battles.(AD)

  • Diner Dash (AD) game

    Diner Dash (AD)

    It's up to you to seat, serve, and satisfy even the squirmiest of patrons.(AD)

  • Stunt Crazy game

    Stunt Crazy

    When you need a mad motorist, bring in a stuntman! Perform outrageous tricks to grab moneys and make the shot. Use your rockets and exploding car to complete the scene! No movie is complete without a fantastic exploding car chase, right? Modify your vehicle with upgrades for an award-worthy performance.

  • Nick Pals (AD) game

    Nick Pals (AD)

    Take care of Nickelodeon's most famous pets! (AD)

  • Pier 13 Thowdown game

    Pier 13 Thowdown

    Help Bessie escape the Dragonflies' now!

  • Fluffies game


    Untangle the fluffies in this challenging puzzle game.

  • Avatar: Earth Healers game

    Avatar: Earth Healers

    Help Aang and the gang go green and foil the Fire Nation in this game!

  • Flip n' Flow game

    Flip n' Flow

    Save water and slow the flow with Jimmy!

  • Backyard Habitat Heroes game

    Backyard Habitat Heroes

    Help Bessie build a backyard habitat in this Big Green Help game!

  • Diner Dash 2 (AD) game

    Diner Dash 2 (AD)

    Help SpongeBob and the crew save their favorite hangouts from Sharkey Two-Times.(AD)

  • The Ultimate Enemy Face-Off game

    The Ultimate Enemy Face-Off

    Pit ghastly gladiators against each other in a battle for boo-premacy!

  • Rise of the Phoenix King game

    Rise of the Phoenix King

    Square off in the ultimate battle for bending supremacy!

  • Tastes Just Like Chicken game

    Tastes Just Like Chicken

    Save Peck from Freddie's insatiable appetite!