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  • Armored Justice

    Armored Justice

    Fight evil drones and defeat Mandarin to serve justice in this new Iron Man game!

  • Makluan Ring Rampage

    Makluan Ring Rampage

    Got ace flying skills? Find out in this game!


  • The Dragon Seed show

    The Dragon Seed

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures: "The Dragon Seed"

    Gene Khan learns about the rings in a flashback.

  • The Makluan Invasion Part 1: Annihilate show

    The Makluan Invasion Part 1: Annihilate

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures: "The Makluan Invasion Part 1: Annihilate"

    The gang takes on Gene and his villainous friends.

About the Show

About the Show

Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Tony Stark has lost his armory, lost his armor, and even worse, lost a trusted friend. Gene Khan, the Mandarin, may have betrayed him but there is still hope: Tony's father Howard might be alive out there, some...

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