Iron Man: Villains photo album

  • Once The Mandarin holds all ten rings he will be able to manipulate reality and receive global domination.
  • The Black Knight, a powerful bodyguard, uses his high-tech lance and armor to protect Count Nefaria.
  • Blizzard wears an amazing suit that has micro-circuited cryogenic units, allowing him to generate and focus intense cold.
  • Armed with an incredible spacesuit designed to protect him from proximity to the sun.
  • Protectors of the Makluan Ring, these guardians use giant swords to destroy their enemies.
  • With a suit that allows him and anything he is touching to become invisible, this brilliant villain is also an inventor, technician, engineer, demolitions expert, and computer scientist.
  • Arthur Parks has become The Living Laser after stealing a special suit from Stark International.
  • Mister Fix creates high-tech weaponry and gear for many of Iron Man's greatest villains.
  • Mental Organism Designed Only for Conquest is a human who was exposed to an artificial mutagenic process, and now possesses superhuman knowledge.
  • Appointed CEO of Stark International until Tony turns 18, Obadiah Stane employs others to carry out his dirty work.
  • Pretending to be the King of Wakanda, this villain knows who Iron Man really is, and is ready to expose his true identity.
  • Relaunched by Obadiah Stane, Technovore grows more fierce daily, gathering strength from the technology surrounding it.
  • This enraged villain destroys endlessly as he tries to reclaim the ring that Gene Khan has stolen.
  • Whiplash uses his retractable steel, energized whips to fight his enemies.