• Digimon Fusion: "Train of Terror!" show

    Digimon Fusion: "Train of Terror!"

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    Digimon Fusion: "Train of Terror!"

    When Grand Locomon obtains Mikey's Fusion Loader, the Fusion Fighters must work with the Digimon in the Dust Zone to get it back; meanwhile, AxeKnightmon captures Christopher!

  • "Rumble in the Jungle Zone" show

    "Rumble in the Jungle Zone"

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    Digimon Fusion: "Rumble in the Jungle Zone"

    Angie and Jeremy must do the Dance of True Hear so that Mikey and his team can follow AxeKnightmon and Nene into the jungle's sacred zone. Can the Fusion Fighters locate the pair before they find Decadramon?

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