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  • Decision of Destiny

    Decision of Destiny

    What's your destiny? The fate of El Tigre lies in YOUR hands!

  • Rapido Racer

    Rapido Racer

    Put the pedal to the metal in this 3D El Tigre kart racer!

  • Miracle City Meltdown

    Miracle City Meltdown

    Help El Tigre escape an exploding volcano in this SPICY HOT game!

  • The Good, Bad & El Tigre

    The Good, Bad & El Tigre

    Save the loot? Steal the loot? You choose! Play now!


  • The Good, The Bad, The Tigre show

    The Good, The Bad, The Tigre


    El Tigre: "The Good, The Bad, The Tigre"

    Manny and Puma Loco try to take down Santana but she's got something special planned!

  • No Boots show

    No Boots


    El Tigre: "No Boots, No Belt, No Brero"

    Without their Objects of Power, the Rivera family is just a normal family!

  • Mustache Love show

    Mustache Love


    El Tigre: "Mustache Love"

    Raul, the World's Greatest Moustache, returns...and he's in love!

  • Dia de los Padres show

    Dia de los Padres


    El Tigre: "Dia de los Padres"

    Manny's giving Rodolfo a heroic rescue for Fathers Day!

About the Show

About the Show

El Tigre

As the youngest member of Miracle City's famous Rivera family, Manny comes from a long line of guys with some pretty super powers. His dad, a former superhero once known as White Pantera, wants Manny to grow up...

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