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  • Boys Will Be Seekers show

    Boys Will Be Seekers

    Full Episode

    Huntik: "Boys Will Be Seekers"

    New recruit Zhalia joins her Blood Spiral team with Tantras and Harrison to travel to Venice and eliminate Den, but Den is tired of his Foundation training and runs away! Lok must find him before the Spirals do!

  • The Legendary Titan of Fire show

    The Legendary Titan of Fire

    Full Episode

    Huntik: "The Legendary Titan of Fire"

    Dante, Lok, Sophie, Zhalia and Cherit head into the Paris catacombs to find the Ring of Arc, but they find the Legendary Titan of Fate, who traps them in a terrifying dream world where they each must face their worst fears!

  • Den vs. Harrison show

    Den vs. Harrison

    Full Episode

    Huntik: "Den vs. Harrison"

    Zhalia discovers orphans being recruited by the Blood Spiral! When a boy named Harrison sides with the evil Tantras, while his brother Den turns to the Foundation, the two siblings find themselves pitted against each other!

  • Chasing Void show

    Chasing Void


    Huntik: "Chasing Void"

    The team and the Casterwills work together to defeat the Organization--for now.


About Huntik

About Huntik


Long before recorded time, humanity faced an evil of unimaginable power. Nothing was safe from the all-consuming darkness. But from the ranks of mankind rose the Seekers, those capable of Invoking an army of po...