About Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Tony Stark has lost his armory, lost his armor, and even worse, lost a trusted friend. Gene Khan, the Mandarin, may have betrayed him but there is still hope: Tony's father Howard might be alive out there, somewhere - if Gene isn't lying. Tony has searched the globe for Gene and his father, but there is no sign of them. And if life wasn't complicated enough, Tony is turning 17. In a year, Stark International will appoint him head - and Obadiah Stane must stop that from happening. Stane knows he could win over the board if he owned one thing: the Iron Man armor. But unfortunately for Stane, 21-year-old young corporate genius Justin Hammer, one of the wealthiest (and most ruthless) young men on the planet, desires the same thing. And what Hammer wants, Hammer gets. Thus begin the Armor Wars!