Van Yamano Picture - LBX Season 2

Van Yamano

Fourteen-year-old Van Yamano is both strong-willed and super enthusiastic when it comes to all things LBX. He might seem like your average teenager, but when fate brings him his very own LBX, Van's world is changed forever. It is up to him, his incredibly powerful LBX Achilles and his friends, Amy and Kaz, to prevent the spread of a colossal conspiracy that may determine the fate of the entire world.

Achilles: One of the toughest robots ever created, Achilles was originally built as a prototype for a new series of LBX by Van's father. It's a coveted piece of equipment due to the hidden Platinum Capsule that resides inside the robot's frame. The Capsule contains plans for the Infinity Engine, which is a source of limitless power. The battler must defend the Platinum Capsule until his death, generally using his shield, his powerful lance that can be hurled like a spear, and other various weapons.