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  • Been There, Sheen That!

    Been There, Sheen That!

    Planet Sheen: Been There, Sheen That!

    It's Sheen's super, huge, excellent, epic adventure of AWESOMENESS!

  • Planet Sheen Map

    Planet Sheen Map

    Planet Sheen Map

    Don't be a Dorkus! Find out what Zeenu has in store!


  • Banna Quest show

    Banna Quest


    Planet Sheen: "Banna Quest"

    Sheen and the gang fight dirty, literally.

  • Now You Sheen It: Magic Monkey show

    Now You Sheen It: Magic Monkey


    Planet Sheen: "Now You Sheen It: Magic Monkey"

    Sheen plans a magic show that may just threaten the space time continuum!

Sheenoween Flipbook

Sheenoween Flipbook

About the Show

About the Show

Planet Sheen

There's never a dull moment in the life of Sheen Estevez! After sneaking into his best friend Jimmy Neutron's laboratory and finding Jimmy's top-secret rocketship, Sheen accidentally blasts himself into outer s...

Meet the Characters


Sheen Estevez

Sheen's a turbocharged, hyperactive 4th grader with an attention span of 0.4 seconds. His best friend back home is boy genius Jimmy Neutron. He's got a passion for life, TV, guacamole, and a superhero called Ultra Lord. He isn't the best student; in fact, it's his third year taking the 4th grade. But what he lacks in common sense and focus, Sheen makes up for in burning curiosity and loads of energy!

One day, disobey...

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