• Power Rangers: Mega Mash-Up show

    Power Rangers: Mega Mash-Up


    Power Rangers: Mega Mash-Up

    Tune in for the ultimate Ranger cross over event! Starting Monday, Sept 30th at 9 PM ET on Nicktoons!

  • Dino Thunder: Game On show

    Dino Thunder: Game On

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    Power Rangers Dino Thunder: "Game On"

    Mesogog's latest plan takes advantage of Ethan's obsession for a video game by transporting Ethan into the game's virtual world where he meets a strange wizard and the even stranger Triptoids. Kira also gets sucked into the game but the pair manage to return to the real world, and discover that the Triptoids and the wizard have followed them. After the Rangers deal with the Demagnetron monster, Hayley sends the wizard back to the virtual world.

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