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  • Tak: Jumpin' Juju

    Tak: Jumpin' Juju

    Catch some air in this high-flying Tak game!

  • The Coconut Drum

    The Coconut Drum

    Catch coconuts for big points and throw them at parrots for bonuses!

  • Bites Back!

    Bites Back!

    Sink your teeth into Tak's biggest adventure yet!

  • Tak Destiny Dash

    Tak Destiny Dash

    It's your destiny to play this high speed game!


  • New Pet show

    New Pet


    Tak & the Power of Juju: "New Pet"

    Tak and Jeera find a strange creature with incredible powers.

  • Break This show

    Break This


    Tak & the Power of Juju: "Break This"

    Jeera is super strong and Tak is jealous she's the tribe's new hero!

  • Giant Chief show

    Giant Chief


    Tak & the Power of Juju: "Giant Chief"

    Tak uses magic to bring a giant statue of the Chief to life!

  • Destiny Schmestiny show

    Destiny Schmestiny


    Tak & the Power of Juju: "Destiny Schmestiny"

    Can Tak save the Pupununu from the Darkness Juju?


About the Show

About the Show

Tak & the Power of Juju

Tak and the Power of Juju is a CG slapstick comedy set in a fantastical jungle world. The series follows the Pupununu people, an unlucky, primitive tribe, and their struggle with the Jujus: ancient, mysterious ...