• Wild Grinders: Industry Escape

    Wild Grinders: Industry Escape

    Dodge the guards and skate your way down the building to escape without getting caught by the security laser!

  • Trick'd Out

    Trick'd Out

    Think you have what it takes to be a Wild Grinder? Get Trick'd Out with Meaty!


  • "Grindinator/Grinder of Another Dimension" show

    "Grindinator/Grinder of Another Dimension"

    Full Episode

    Wild Grinders: "Grindinator/Grinder of Another Dimension"

    Lil Rob's future grandson visits the Grinders and helps them defeat a dangerous robot skateboard.

  • "The Amaazing Racers/Wild Wild Mess" show

    "The Amaazing Racers/Wild Wild Mess"

    Full Episode

    Wild Grinders: "The Amaazing Racers/Wild Wild Mess"

    Lil Rob and Meaty are racing across the globe in the Baco Rally 5000 race.


About Wild Grinders

About Wild Grinders

Wild Grinders

From the mind of pro-skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek, come this rad new series based on Dyrdek's younger years as a skateboarder packed with a whole lot of awesome!

Lil Rob and his wacky crew of energetic ska...