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  • Girl's Night Out video

    Girl's Night Out

    Danny Phantom: "Girls' Night Out"

    These ghostly gals are out for revenge!

  • Forever Phantom video

    Forever Phantom

    Danny Phantom: "Forever Phantom"

    What red-eyed monster is taking over Amity Park?

  • Draw a Punch video

    Draw a Punch

    Inside the Nicktoons Studio: "How to Draw a Punch"

    How do the "Avatar" animators draw all the martial art moves?

  • Shiny Teeth video

    Shiny Teeth

    The Fairly OddParents: "Shiny Teeth"

    When an evil dentist steals Chip Skylark's smile, it's up to Timmy to save the day.

  • Rising Son video

    Rising Son

    El Tigre: "Rising Son"

    Can a goodie-two-shoes slay a supervillian?

  • Yellow Pantera video

    Yellow Pantera

    El Tigre: "Yellow Pantera"

    No, say it isn't so! The White Pantera ran away from fight?!?!

  • Miracle City Worker video

    Miracle City Worker

    El Tigre: "Miracle City Worker"

    Maria's out to get the supervillains...another bowl of soup!

  • I Dream of Jimmy video

    I Dream of Jimmy

    Jimmy Neutron: "I Dream of Jimmy"

    Carl's stricken with some serious nightmares!

  • Maternal Instincts video

    Maternal Instincts

    Danny Phantom: "Maternal Instincts"

    It's mother-son bonding that only the Fenton's could love.

  • Puma Licito video

    Puma Licito

    El Tigre: "Puma Licito"

    Has Pumo Loco lost his villainous edge?

  • Party Monsters video

    Party Monsters

    El Tigre: "Party Monsters"

    Manny and Frida plan a party in an abandoned house...what can go wrong?

  • Mother of All Tigers video

    Mother of All Tigers

    El Tigre: "Mother of All Tigers"

    Will Manny's mother take him away from Miracle City?

  • Adios Amigos video

    Adios Amigos

    El Tigre: "Adios, Amigos"

    The Titanium Titan's back...and he wants revenge!

  • Zebra Donkey video

    Zebra Donkey

    El Tigre: "Zebra Donkey"

    Manny accidentally kills...then resurrects the class pet!

  • Make Your Own video

    Make Your Own

    Do it Yourself: "El Tigre"

    El Papier Tigre! Manny gets the pinata treatment!

  • El Tigre, El Jefe video

    El Tigre, El Jefe

    El Tigre: "El Tigre, El Jefe"

    Manny's morphed into a do-good dictator!

  • Sole of a Hero video

    Sole of a Hero

    El Tigre: "Sole of a Hero"

    White Pantera isn't the same without his Bronze Boots of Truth!

  • Night of the Living Guacamole video

    Night of the Living Guacamole

    El Tigre: "Night of the Living Guacamole"

    Savor the flavor of "Guacamole de los Angeles"!

  • Fistful of Collars video

    Fistful of Collars

    El Tigre: "Fistful of Collars"

    How far will Manny and Frida go for the new Lux Scooter?

  • Rocket Rescue video

    Rocket Rescue

    Rocket Power: "Rocket Rescue"

    Sam and Twister take life guarding lessons!

  • Escape from Spirit World video

    Escape from Spirit World

    Avatar: "Escape from the Spirit World"

    Aang's adventure in Spirit World continues this weekend with new clues!