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  • Moustache Kid video

    Moustache Kid

    El Tigre: "Moustache Kid"

    Manny's moustache comes alive! And it will only answer to the name "Raul."

  • Living Guacamole video

    Living Guacamole

    El Tigre: "Night of the Living Guacamole"

    When guacamole monsters attack!

  • La Tigressa video

    La Tigressa

    El Tigre: "La Tigressa"

    After "borrowing" Manny's El Tigre belt, Frida becomes a superhero!

  • Party Machine video

    Party Machine

    My Life as a Teenage Robot: "Party Machine"

    Brad & Jenny co-host a party but Jenny does all the work!

  • Fashion Victim video

    Fashion Victim

    My Life as a Teenage Robot: "Fashion Victim"

    Has Jenny transformed from teenage robot to disco queen?

  • The Beach video

    The Beach

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Beach Sneak Peek"

    The kids face a terrifying new enemy...

  • Nightmare Begins video

    Nightmare Begins

    Invader ZIM: "The Nightmare Begins"

    Zim and Gir must pick their disguises for their stay on Earth.

  • The Nightmare Begins video

    The Nightmare Begins

    Invader ZIM: "The Nightmare Begins"

    Enjoy the musical stylings of the DOOM song!

  • Attack of the Saucer Morons video

    Attack of the Saucer Morons

    Invader ZIM: "Attack of the Saucer Morons"

    After UFO fanatics capture ZIM, he must his escape on a giant floating pig.

  • Clash of the Titan video

    Clash of the Titan

    El Tigre: "Clash of the Titan"

    Has the Titanium Titan really changed his super evil ways?

  • The Right Cow video

    The Right Cow

    Back at the Barnyard: "The Right Cow"

    A chimp invades the barnyard!

  • The Grave Escape video

    The Grave Escape

    El Tigre: "The Grave Escape"

    Manny summons the power of the Original El Tigre!

  • Eye Caramba video

    Eye Caramba

    El Tigre: "Eye Caramba Sneak Peek"

    Manny wins Lady Gobbler's glass eye in a game of darts.

  • Chez Pig video

    Chez Pig

    Back at the Barnyard: "Chez Pig"

    Pig's truffle pies are a hit with the humans!

  • Do it Yourself Fan Art video

    Do it Yourself Fan Art

    Do it Yourself: "Avatar Fan Art"

    Aang's going digital!

  • Sokka's Master video

    Sokka's Master

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Sokka's Master Sneak Peek"

    Sokka's worried that he's not contributing enough to the group.

  • Bride of Puma Loco video

    Bride of Puma Loco

    El Tigre: "Bride of Puma Loco Sneak Peek"

    Grandpapi's getting Sartana of the Dead!

  • Deformed Short video

    Deformed Short

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Deformed Schooltime Shipping"

    Who will the gang bring to the Golden Dragon dance?

  • Cow's Best Friend video

    Cow's Best Friend

    Back at the Barnyard: "Cow's Best Friend"

    In trouble? Never fear, Otis is here!

  • Cowman and Ratboy video

    Cowman and Ratboy

    Back at the Barnyard: "Cowman and Ratboy"

    Otis and Pip form a crime-fighting super duo!

  • Miracle City Undercover video

    Miracle City Undercover

    El Tigre: "Miracle City Undercover"

    Oh no! The Moustache Mafia has framed Raul!