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  • Fool Speed Ahead video

    Fool Speed Ahead

    El Tigre: "Fool Speed Ahead"

    Are the Rivera men destined to leave Miracle City?

  • The Painted Lady video

    The Painted Lady

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Painted Lady Sneak Peek"

    The gang journeys to a mysterious fishing village...

  • Curse of the Albino video

    Curse of the Albino

    El Tigre: "Curse of the Albino Burrito"

    The Albino Burrito enters Manny & Frida's superhero training program!

  • La Tigressa video

    La Tigressa

    El Tigre: "La Tigressa"

    Frida wants a taste of superpowers...

  • To Zaria With Love video

    To Zaria With Love

    Tak & the Power of Juju: "To Zaria With Love"

    Psychic Juju predicts that Tak will marry Zaria...eeewwww!

  • The Beast video

    The Beast

    Tak & the Power of Juju: "The Beast"

    From the Juju Realm, a hideous beast emerges...

  • The Good, the Bad, video

    The Good, the Bad,

    Back at the Barnyard: "The Good, the Bad, the Snotty"

    With the farmer away, Snotty Boy's in charge...yikes!

  • Deformed Short video

    Deformed Short

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Deformed Swamp Skiing"

    One man's gross swampy water is another man's flavor.

  • The Headband video

    The Headband

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Headband"

    To better hide themselves, the gang enrolls in a Fire Nation school.

  • Hypno-A-Go-Go video


    Back at the Barnyard: "Hypno-A-Go-Go"

    Otis's fondness for pranks leads to some hypnosis hijinks!

  • Deformed Character Short video

    Deformed Character Short

    Avatar: "Deformed Bending Battle"

    It's an old-fashioned game of one-ups-manship!

  • The Awakening video

    The Awakening

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Awakening"

    Zuko begins the journey home...and where will Aang wake up?

  • The Three Chiefs video

    The Three Chiefs

    Tak & the Power of Juju: "The Three Chiefs"

    Tak teaches some snobby chiefs a lesson they won't forget!

  • The Party video

    The Party

    Tak & the Power of Juju: "The Party"

    To celebrate the tribe's recent good luck, Tak throws a party!

  • The Gift video

    The Gift

    Tak & the Power of Juju: "The Gift"

    It's Jibolba's Shamanic Anniversary and Tak forgot...again!

  • Sloshy, Sloshy video

    Sloshy, Sloshy

    Back at the Barnyard: "Sloshy, Sloshy"

    Class field trips can provide very valuable lessons.

  • Cow in the Road video

    Cow in the Road

    Back at the Barnyard: "Cow in the Road"

    The barnyard gang explores automobiles.

  • Loser video


    Tak & the Power of Juju: "Loser"

    When Lok's banished from the tribe, Tak sets out to save him.

  • Beautiful Girls video

    Beautiful Girls

    Tak & the Power of Juju: "Beautiful Girls"

    Tak's the judge of a beauty pageant between Zaria and Love Juju!

  • D-stabilized video


    Danny Phantom: "D-stabilized"

    Danielle Phantom is back!

  • Eye for an Eye video

    Eye for an Eye

    Danny Phantom: "Eye for an Eye"

    What starts as a prank war between Danny and Vlad ends with Vlad as Amity Park's mayor.