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  • The Party video

    The Party

    Tak & the Power of Juju: "The Party"

    To celebrate the tribe's recent good luck, Tak throws a party!

  • The Gift video

    The Gift

    Tak & the Power of Juju: "The Gift"

    It's Jibolba's Shamanic Anniversary and Tak forgot...again!

  • Sloshy, Sloshy video

    Sloshy, Sloshy

    Back at the Barnyard: "Sloshy, Sloshy"

    Class field trips can provide very valuable lessons.

  • Cow in the Road video

    Cow in the Road

    Back at the Barnyard: "Cow in the Road"

    The barnyard gang explores automobiles.

  • Loser video


    Tak & the Power of Juju: "Loser"

    When Lok's banished from the tribe, Tak sets out to save him.

  • Beautiful Girls video

    Beautiful Girls

    Tak & the Power of Juju: "Beautiful Girls"

    Tak's the judge of a beauty pageant between Zaria and Love Juju!

  • D-stabilized video


    Danny Phantom: "D-stabilized"

    Danielle Phantom is back!

  • Eye for an Eye video

    Eye for an Eye

    Danny Phantom: "Eye for an Eye"

    What starts as a prank war between Danny and Vlad ends with Vlad as Amity Park's mayor.

  • Claw of the Wild video

    Claw of the Wild

    Danny Phantom: "Claw of the Wild"

    Is Sam, Danny and Tucker's camp haunted or is a prank afoot?

  • Boxed Up Fury video

    Boxed Up Fury

    Danny Phantom: "Boxed Up Fury"

    The Box Ghost unleashes Pandora's evil on Amity Park!

  • Phantom Planet video

    Phantom Planet

    Danny Phantom: "Phantom Planet"

    With the Masters' Blasters defending Amity Park, Danny gives away his ghost powers.

  • Frightmare video


    Danny Phantom: "Frightmare"

    Is Danny's strange new world real or a dream?

  • Sister Sledgehammer video

    Sister Sledgehammer

    My Life as a Teenage Robot: "Sister Sledgehammer"

    Jenny fights the Cluster using some inspired tools!

  • Pajama Party Prankapalooza video

    Pajama Party Prankapalooza

    My Life as a Teenage Robot: "Pajama Party Prankapalooza"

    Jenny learns that popularity comes at a high cost.

  • Killgore video


    My Life as a Teenage Robot: "Killgore"

    Who knew that tiny, wind-up robots could be so destructive?

  • Armegeroid video


    My Life as a Teenage Robot: "Armegeroid"

    Jenny flirts with destruction after running into Armegeroid!

  • Theme Song video

    Theme Song

    Danny Phantom: "Theme Song"

    Sing along to the "Danny Phantom" theme song!

  • Theme Song video

    Theme Song

    El Tigre: "Theme Song"

    Sing along to the "El Tigre" theme song!

  • Theme Song video

    Theme Song

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Theme Song"

    Sing along to the "Avatar" theme song!

  • Livin' Large video

    Livin' Large

    Danny Phantom: "Livin' Large"

    When Danny's dad is finally promoted, the Fentons are movin' on up!

  • Torrent of Terror video

    Torrent of Terror

    Danny Phantom: "Torrent of Terror"

    Vlad releases Vortex. Will the world's weather ever be the same?