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  • The Fury of Aang video

    The Fury of Aang

    Avatar: "The Fury of Aang Part #2"

    The Fire Nation prepares to attack.

  • The Fury of Aang video

    The Fury of Aang

    Avatar: "The Fury of Aang Part #1"

    Can the kids protect Ba Sing Se?

  • Reality Trip Part 2 video

    Reality Trip Part 2

    Danny Phantom: "Reality Trip Part 2"

    Can Danny save his family from Freakshow? Watch the WHOLE show in TurboNick!

  • Bitter Work video

    Bitter Work

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Bitter Work"

    Aang struggles with Earthbending.

  • Reality Trip Part 1 video

    Reality Trip Part 1

    Danny Phantom: "Reality Trip Part 1"

    Celebrate summer with Danny!

  • The Chase video

    The Chase

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Chase"

    What's chasing the kids?

  • Avatar Cabbage Man video

    Avatar Cabbage Man

    A Closer Look: "Avatar Cabbage Merchant"

    This guy's the unluckiest person in all the nations!

  • Showdown video


    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Showdown"

    All the Firebending force and Airbending action you can handle!

  • Romance Bender video

    Romance Bender

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Romance Bender"

    Relive the romance between Sokka and Princess Yue.

  • Zuko Alone video

    Zuko Alone

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Zuko Alone"

    Zuko's haunted by memories of his past.

  • Avatar Day video

    Avatar Day

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Avatar Day"

    Aang faces his past mistakes.

  • The Swamp video

    The Swamp

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Swamp"

    What secrets does the swamp hold?

  • Return to Omashu video

    Return to Omashu

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "Return to Omashu"

    Will Aang find Omashu the way he left it?

  • Avatar State video

    Avatar State

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Avatar State"

    Is the "Avatar State" a new weapon?

  • The Southern Air Temple video

    The Southern Air Temple

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Southern Air Temple"

    The gang visits Aang's old Air Temple!

  • Waterbending Scroll video

    Waterbending Scroll

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Waterbending Scroll"

    Katara's determined to learn Waterbending!

  • Secret Spot video

    Secret Spot

    Rocket Power: "Secret Spot"

    Ray's got a secret surfing spot! Check out the WHOLE episode in TurboNick!

  • Ice Queens video

    Ice Queens

    Rocket Power: "Ice Queens"

    Can Reggie wow as an ice dancer? Click into TurboNick for the WHOLE episode!

  • Northern Air Temple video

    Northern Air Temple

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Northern Air Temple"

    Aang and the gang journey North.

  • Waterbending Master video

    Waterbending Master

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Waterbending Master"

    Sokka's falling for a princess.

  • The Deserter video

    The Deserter

    Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Deserter"

    Aang's out to learn Firebending!