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  • Identity Crisis video

    Identity Crisis

    Danny Phantom: "Identity Crisis"

    Technus 3.0 is back and better than ever!

  • Pirate Radio video

    Pirate Radio

    Danny Phantom: "Pirate Radio"

    Youngblood wants the adults of Amity Park to crew his pirate ship!

  • Control Freaks video

    Control Freaks

    Danny Phantom: "Control Freaks"

    Danny turns evil under the control of Freakshow!

  • Doctor's Disorders video

    Doctor's Disorders

    Danny Phantom: "Doctor's Disorders"

    Penelope Spectra's after Danny's DNA!

  • Memory Blank video

    Memory Blank

    Danny Phantom: "Memory Blank"

    After a fight with Danny, Sam wishes their friendship away.

  • Fright Night video

    Fright Night

    Danny Phantom: "Fright Night"

    Danny battles Halloween spirits!