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  • Clash of the Titan video

    Clash of the Titan

    El Tigre: "Clash of the Titan"

    Has the Titanium Titan really changed his super evil ways?

  • La Tigressa video

    La Tigressa

    El Tigre: "La Tigressa"

    After "borrowing" Manny's El Tigre belt, Frida becomes a superhero!

  • Living Guacamole video

    Living Guacamole

    El Tigre: "Night of the Living Guacamole"

    When guacamole monsters attack!

  • Moustache Kid video

    Moustache Kid

    El Tigre: "Moustache Kid"

    Manny's moustache comes alive! And it will only answer to the name "Raul."

  • Zebra Donkey video

    Zebra Donkey

    El Tigre: "Zebra Donkey"

    Manny and Zebra Donkey party hard...perhaps too hard!

  • Miracle City Undercover video

    Miracle City Undercover

    El Tigre: "Miracle City Undercover"

    To prove his moustache's innocence, Manny infiltrates the Moustache Mafia!

  • Burrito's Little Helper video

    Burrito's Little Helper

    El Tigre: "Burrito's Little Helper Sneak Peek"

    When Davi needs help, he calls upon El Tigre!

  • Crouching Tigre video

    Crouching Tigre

    El Tigre: "Crouching El Tigre, Hidden Dragon Sneak Peek"

    Manny joins the League of Alliance Society.

  • A Mother's Glove video

    A Mother's Glove

    El Tigre: "A Mother's Glove Sneak Peek"

    Manny's mother is a superhero too!

  • The Cactus Kid video

    The Cactus Kid

    El Tigre: "The Cactus Kid"

    Cactus Kid arrives at Miracle City looking for trouble.

  • Decision of Destiny video

    Decision of Destiny

    El Tigre: "The Decision of Destiny"

    Will Manny choose to be good or evil? YOU decide!

  • Decision of Destiny video

    Decision of Destiny

    El Tigre: "Decision of Destiny"

    Sartana is retiring but who will take over her evil empire?

  • A Fistful of Nickels video

    A Fistful of Nickels

    El Tigre: "A Fistful of Nickels"

    Manny's in need of some quick cash so he decides to steal it from the supervillians!

  • Animales video


    El Tigre: "Animales"

    Senor Chappi & the Donkey have lost their beloved squeak toy!

  • Love and War video

    Love and War

    El Tigre: "Love and War"

    Dr. Chipotle Jr. & Senor Siniestro are crushing on Frida!

  • Mech Daddy video

    Mech Daddy

    El Tigre: "Mech Daddy"

    Manny & Frida play Giant Robot Father for a day.

  • Stinking Badges video

    Stinking Badges

    El Tigre: "Stinking Badges"

    Frida joins the Junior Police Cadets!

  • Frida's Brain video

    Frida's Brain

    El Tigre: "The Thing That Ate Frida's Brain"

    Frida has a miniature zombie stuck in her head!

  • Tigre + Cuervo video

    Tigre + Cuervo

    El Tigre: "Tigre + Cuervo Forever"

    El Tigre & Black Cuervo are dating?!?!

  • Wrong and Dance video

    Wrong and Dance

    El Tigre: "Wrong and Dance"

    Manny's looking for love in all the wrong places!

  • Chupacabros video


    El Tigre: "Chupacabros"

    Manny finds the cutest little dog/rabbit/lizard/monkey-type thing ever!