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  • Digimon Fusion Back-to-Back Premieres video

    Digimon Fusion Back-to-Back Premieres

    Digimon Fusion Back-to-Back Premieres

    Watch Mikey and his powerful friends go down in history with back-to-back premieres Sunday, 2/8 at 10a.

  • "The Legendary Hacker" video

    "The Legendary Hacker"

    LBX: "The Legendary Hacker"

    Dak plots revenge against Eugene while Van and the gang head to Electronica to find the Legendary Hacker. But before they can meet the master, they'll have to defeat his apprentices, the Otaku Rangers.

  • "Sphere Cube Calamity: Part II" video

    "Sphere Cube Calamity: Part II"

    Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: "Sphere Cube Calamity: Part II"

    Mizar batters Yuma to his breaking point� until a surprise duelist steps in to take down Mizar and go claw-to-claw with his Galaxy-Eyes!

  • "Doom in Bloom" video

    "Doom in Bloom"

    Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: "Doom in Bloom"

    Shark's sister Rio makes a big splash on her first day of school, but not all the attention she gets is good, especially when she catches the eye of a Barian botanist!

  • "The Vorpal Vortex!" video

    "The Vorpal Vortex!"

    LBX: "The Vorpal Vortex!"

    Van, Amy and Kaz find themselves up against the formidable Asian Area Champions. Meanwhile, Dak Sendo's crew takes on an eccentric newcomer in the D Block finals.

  • "Rule Duel" video

    "Rule Duel"

    Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: "Rule Duel"

    Ray nominates Yuma to run against Caswell for Class Representative, but when the Ray Way takes a turn for the worse, Yuma finds himself facing off against a Student Council President who's been corrupted by the Barians!

  • "Hard Knox" video

    "Hard Knox"

    Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: "Hard Knox"

    When pro duelist Devon Knox teaches a special class, Yuma gets taken to the school of hard knocks and learns a valuable lesson about the Barians he won't soon forget!

  • "Attack of the Barians Part II" video

    "Attack of the Barians Part II"

    Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: "Attack of the Barians Part II"

    Yuma's battle with a powerful soldier of Barian World continues as he strives to keep Astral safe! Can Yuma beat this Barian enemy and his new Chaos Monster, or will Yuma end up losing what is most valuable to him... Astral?

  • NFL Rush Zone: "The Return of Drop Kick" video

    NFL Rush Zone: "The Return of Drop Kick"

    NFL Rush Zone: "The Return of Drop Kick"

    The kids are soaking up some rays at summer camp until the unthinkable happens... Drop Kick has returned!

  • NFL Rush Zone: "Knights of the Sky" video

    NFL Rush Zone: "Knights of the Sky"

    NFL Rush Zone: "Knights of the Sky"

    The Guardians must save the Rusherz in time to defend against a massive attack on the Hall of Knowledge.

  • NFL Rush Zone: "Chip Off the Old Blocker" video

    NFL Rush Zone: "Chip Off the Old Blocker"

    NFL Rush Zone: "Chip Off the Old Blocker"

    The Hall of Fame game is under attack.. and so is the megacores!

  • NFL Rush Zone: "Knights of the Sky" Part 2 video

    NFL Rush Zone: "Knights of the Sky" Part 2

    NFL Rush Zone: "Knights of the Sky" Part 2

    The Gaurdians are on a mission to find the Anticoria. Will they be able to correct history?

  • Digimon Fusion: "Laughing All the Way to the Code Crown" video

    Digimon Fusion: "Laughing All the Way to the Code Crown"

    Digimon Fusion: "Laughing All the Way to the Code Crown"

    To ensure the safe return of the Monitamons' princess from Bagra Forces, Mikey's Team must obtain the Warrior Zone's code crown... as a bargaining tool!

  • Digimon Fusion: "The Rival Champions" video

    Digimon Fusion: "The Rival Champions"

    Digimon Fusion: "The Rival Champions"

    When Knightmon is attacked by the Bagra Army and is stuck in a lake of ice, it's up to Mikey to save him! Is Mikey the general that the Princess has been waiting for?

  • Lord Luud video

    Lord Luud

    Dragon Ball GT: "Lord Luud"

    Three mysterious strangers steal the six-star Dragon Ball. In their haste to track down the thieves, Goku, Pan, and Trunks are tricked into landing in dangerous territory.

  • Enter the Destroyer video

    Enter the Destroyer

    LBX: "Enter the Destroyer" Sneak Peek

    Will Van, Amy and Katz win the battle against the "Destroyer?"

  • LBX: "Starting Small" Sneak Peek video

    LBX: "Starting Small" Sneak Peek

    LBX: "Starting Small" Sneak Peek

    Van and his friends are bringing their A game and robots to battle!

  • "The Final Duel Part 1" video

    "The Final Duel Part 1"

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: "The Final Duel Part 1"

    If Yugi defeats Atem, Yugi proves he's ready to stand on his own� but Yugi and Atem will be separated forever! If Atem defeats Yugi, they can stay together� but Atem will not journey to the next world!

  • "The Final Duel Part 4" video

    "The Final Duel Part 4"

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: "The Final Duel Part 4"

    Yugi and Atem - more than friends, closer than brothers. Will they stay together, or is it time to say goodbye? It's the final answers, the final duel and the final time we will see our friends in the conclusion to Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • "The Final Duel Part 3" video

    "The Final Duel Part 3"

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: "The Final Duel Part 3"

    Yugi claims that he has a combo that will defeat the Egyptian Gods, but is he simply bragging or does he actually have a plan? The duel of destiny between the closest of friends rages on!

  • "The Final Duel Part 2" video

    "The Final Duel Part 2"

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: "The Final Duel Part 2"

    Atem has summoned all three Egyptian Gods! What chance does Yugi have against these powerful creatures that no one has been able to defeat? Yugi better think of a strategy quickly or this duel will be over soon!