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  • The League of Villains video

    The League of Villains

    Jimmy Neutron: "The League of Villains"

    Jimmy stands trial for using his smarts against the universe's villains.

  • The Mighty Wheezers video

    The Mighty Wheezers

    Jimmy Neutron: "The Mighty Wheezers"

    Carl and his family are super strong - and super hungry!

  • Trading Faces video

    Trading Faces

    Jimmy Neutron: "Trading Faces"

    Jimmy's boy mind is stuck in Cindy's girl body!

  • Hamster video


    Jimmy Neutron: "My Son, The Hamster"

    Hugh has no idea his new pet hamster is actually his son!

  • Jimmy for President video

    Jimmy for President

    Jimmy Neutron: "Jimmy for President"

    It's class election time!

  • I Dream of Jimmy video

    I Dream of Jimmy

    Jimmy Neutron: "I Dream of Jimmy"

    Carl's stricken with some serious nightmares!

  • Battle of the Bands video

    Battle of the Bands

    Jimmy Neutron: "Battle of the Bands"

    Jimmy, Carl and Sheen have got the beat!