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  • Pony video


    Making Fiends: "Pony"

    Vendetta makes a special pony for Charlotte.

  • The Land of Cheese video

    The Land of Cheese

    Making Fiends: "The Land of Cheese"

    Vendetta imagines what life would be like if Charlotte lived on the moon.

  • Tornado video


    Making Fiends: "Tornado"

    Vendetta gives Charlotte a present - her latest fiend!

  • New Best Friend video

    New Best Friend

    Making Fiends: "New Best Friend"

    Vendetta sings a song about her new best friend.

  • Smash video


    Making Fiends: "Smash"

    Vendetta mixes up a special fiend for Charlotte's Pancake Festival.

  • Parentnapped video


    Making Fiends: "Parentnapped"

    Charlotte's grandmother helps Vendetta make a new fiend.

  • Mama Vendetta video

    Mama Vendetta

    Making Fiends: "Mama Vendetta"

    Vendetta unveils her new statue.

  • Toupee video


    Making Fiends: "Toupee"

    Mr. Mil's toupee helps him become a swiss banker.

  • Vegetables video


    Making Fiends: "Vegetables"

    Charlotte decides to add vegetables to the cafeteria menu.

  • Super Evil video

    Super Evil

    Making Fiends: "Super Evil"

    Vendetta searches Charlotte's house, but Charlotte catches her.

  • A Fiendish Friend video

    A Fiendish Friend

    Making Fiends: "A Fiendish Friend"

    Charlotte wants to play make believe with Vendetta.

  • Charlotte's First Day video

    Charlotte's First Day

    Making Fiends: "Charlotte's First Day"

    Charlotte meets Vendetta for the first time!