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  • Blindsided video


    The Mighty B!: "Blindsided"

    Happy trades Bessie's glasses for a bone!

  • Hen and Bappy video

    Hen and Bappy

    The Mighty B!: "Hen and Bappy"

    After eating some magic tacos, Ben & Happy switch lives!

  • Portrait of a Happy video

    Portrait of a Happy

    The Mighty B!: "Portrait of a Happy"

    Happy gets ready for his close up!

  • Dragonflies video


    The Mighty B!: "Dragonflies"

    It's a troop turf war when the Honeybees fight the Dragonflies for the rec center pool!

  • Ben Screams for Ice Cream video

    Ben Screams for Ice Cream

    The Mighty B!: "Ben Screams for Ice Cream"

    Has Bessie accidentally banished the ice cream truck from her neighborhood?

  • O Say Can Bess See video

    O Say Can Bess See

    The Mighty B!: "O Say Can Bess See"

    Bessie won't rest until she's the most relaxed person in the world!

  • Macro Mayhem video

    Macro Mayhem

    The Mighty B!: "Macro Mayhem"

    Santa Claus comes to Bessie for help. He needs one of her special skills for Christmas.

  • What's the Frequency Bessie? video

    What's the Frequency Bessie?

    The Mighty B!: "What's the Frequency Bessie?"

    Ben's microphone has mysterious powers over Bessie and Bug.

  • Bee Nice video

    Bee Nice

    The Mighty B!: "Bee Nice"

    After waking up 47 minutes (!) past wake-up time, Bessie starts a morning of misery.

  • Dirty Happy video

    Dirty Happy

    The Mighty B!: "Dirty Happy"

    Happy smells so bad and is so dirty, even his fleas are packing up & moving. Bath time!

  • Tour D'Alcatraz video

    Tour D'Alcatraz

    The Mighty B!: "Tour D'Alcatraz"

    Bessie takes Happy to prison to teach him a lesson about life after wandering off a leash.

  • Catatonic Music Video video

    Catatonic Music Video

    The Mighty B!: "Catatonic"

    The cat's got Bessie's tongue (and everything else). She gets down in this music video.

  • Catatonic: Part 1 video

    Catatonic: Part 1

    The Mighty B!: "Catatonic: Part 1"

    Bessie's dream of wearing an arm hook and a peg leg could be dashed.

  • Thanksgiving Beenactment: Mr. Turkey video

    Thanksgiving Beenactment: Mr. Turkey

    The Mighty B!: "Thanksgiving Beenactment: Mr. Turkey"

    Just in time for Thanksgiving, Mr. Turkey is getting a makeover.

  • Thanksgiving Beenactment: Truly Thankful video

    Thanksgiving Beenactment: Truly Thankful

    The Mighty B!: "Thanksgiving Beenactment: Truly Thankful"

    At Thanksgiving, some people think about pilgrims. Other people hug a hairdryer.

  • Hive of Darkness: Bee Peacekeeper video

    Hive of Darkness: Bee Peacekeeper

    The Mighty B!: "Hive of Darkness: Bee Peacekeeper"

    Bessie might save a beehive from Portia's mother and finally get the Beekeeping Badge!

  • Bad to the Bee: Bessie Imperfect video

    Bad to the Bee: Bessie Imperfect

    The Mighty B!: "Bad to the Bee: Bessie Imperfect"

    Bessie gives up on Honeybee perfection and taps into her dark side.

  • A Pirate's Life for B: Undiscovered Nugget video

    A Pirate's Life for B: Undiscovered Nugget

    The Mighty B!: "A Pirate's Life for B: Undiscovered Nugget"

    A knock on the head might lead Bessie the Pirate & Happy, her first mate, to treasure.

  • Sleepless In San Francisco video

    Sleepless In San Francisco

    The Mighty B!: "Sleepless In San Francisco"

    Bessie is determined to earn her Monster Squad badge by helping Ben!

  • Gorillas in the Midst video

    Gorillas in the Midst

    The Mighty B!: "Gorillas in the Midst"

    Will Bessie prove herself worthy of the mighty Gorillas?

  • Public Enembee / Bang the Drum Timely video

    Public Enembee / Bang the Drum Timely

    The Mighty B!: "Public Enembee / Bang the Drum Timely"

    Has Bessie finally learned what it takes to make people laugh?