• (1)Return of Cooler

    Return of Cooler video

    The planet of Namek was destroyed years before, a New Namek having since been located and settled. During the intervening period, the inhabitants have enjoyed a time of peace. But as death approaches and threatens homeland horizons, Goku and the Z Warriors are called upon to save a world not their own.

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  • (2)Cooler's Revenge

    Cooler's Revenge video

    A quarter of a century after a chance encounter in space, fate looks to reunite two enemies on Earth: Goku, the planet's staunchest defender, looking forward to the peaceful reprieve of a camping trip, and Cooler, brother to the defeated Frieza, on a quest to avenge his family's honor.

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  • (3)Bojack Unbound

    Bojack Unbound video

    Warriors from every corner of the galaxy are gathering to battle in the most incredible martial arts tournament ever conceived.

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  • (4)Super Android 13

    Super Android 13 video

    Goku knows that he is the target of a vicious assault, and the devastating power of the attacks can mean only one thing: Androids.

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  • (5)Wrath of the Dragon

    Wrath of the Dragon video

    With Hirudegarn destroying everything in sight, Goku, Trunks and Goten must battle like never before in order to save the planet!

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  • (6)Broly: Second Coming

    Broly: Second Coming video

    An investigation into the crash of a strange vessel quickly turns into a battle that not even Earth's most powerful heroes are guaranteed to win. Broly, one of the greatest threats the universe has ever known, has returned – and this time, Goku might be powerless to stop him.

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  • (7)Fusion Reborn

    Fusion Reborn video

    When a disaster in Other World unleashes a gargantuan monster and causes the dead to rise from their graves, the Z Fighters' teamwork and Vegeta's risky plan might be the universe's only hope!

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