• (1)Green with Evil, pt.1

    Green with Evil, pt.1 video

    The new kid in town Tommy Oliver has martial arts skills that rival that of Jason's. This catches the eye of Rita Repulsa and her master plan to destroy the Power Rangers once in for all is prepared. She kidnaps Tommy puts him under her spell, and by giving him a power coin of her own transforms Tommy into the Evil Green Ranger. After infiltrating the Command Center and disabling both Alpha and Zordon, Tommy bests the rangers in battle sending them in retreat back to their damaged headquarters.

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  • (2)Green with Evil, pt.2

    Green with Evil, pt.2 video

    With the Command Center still incapacitated from the Green Ranger's attack, and reeling from their first true defeat, Billy and Trini attempt to restore operations with Zordon to learn some answers about their mysterious foe. Meanwhile, Rita gives Tommy the Sword of Darkness, which acts as a catalyst for keeping him under her spell permanently. After he meets with Jason, Tommy then teleports the Red Ranger to the Dark Dimension! Trapped, with no way out, no way of morphing, and no way of contacting his teammates, Jason faces Goldar alone. Back on earth the remaining rangers face the Green Ranger again.

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  • (3)Green with Evil, pt.3

    Green with Evil, pt.3 video

    Jason continues his struggle with Goldar in the Dark Dimension, and eventually, the Green Ranger as well. Luckily, in the nick of time, Billy is able to lock onto his signal and teleports him to safety. But with Zordon still lost, the victory is bittersweet, at best. To make things worse, Rita summons Scorpina, a female warrior, with a real nasty sting. She fights the Rangers but is recalled by Rita as she reveals her master plan to ridding the Rangers of their zords forever. Phase One: Lure the supergroup out by unleashing a fully grown Goldar.

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  • (4)Green with Evil, pt.4

    Green with Evil, pt.4 video

    Watching Goldar demolish the city via the viewing globe, The rangers have no choice but to morph and activate Megazord. All part of Rita's plan. A spell eclipses the sun and cuts off Megazord's solar power reserves. Using her Magic Wand Rita grows Scorpina and soon after Green Ranger! The Megazord soon falls to the trio of evil. The Zords separate and scatter into a burning chasm opened by Repulsa. Our heroes with their fighting spirit diminished return to the Command Center, where the true identity of the Green Ranger is soon revealed.

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  • (5)Green with Evil, pt.5

    Green with Evil, pt.5 video

    Tommy is revealed to be the Green Ranger, and Jason plans to break the spell holding him under Rita's control. Her endgame now realized Rita brings forth the ancient Green Dragonzord from Angel Grove bay. It begins to rampage through the city. The rangers helpless without their zords watch the destruction unfold. Zordon's transmission is finally reestablished. The Megazord is recovered, and victoriously faces the Dragonzord. With the zord incapacitated, Tommy is confronted in a climactic swordfight by Jason. Will the Red Ranger succeed in severing the ties Rita has on Tommy or will he forever be lost to evil.

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