• (1)Time Force: Dawn Of Destiny

    Time Force: Dawn Of Destiny video

    Ransik raids Bio-Lab to steal their supply. After fending off Ransik's forces, the Rangers are approached by Alex, who tells them that their actions are changing the future.

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  • (2)In Space: From Out Of Nowhere, pt. 2

    In Space: From Out Of Nowhere, pt. 2 video

    he Red Ranger finally reveals himself to be Andros and grants the four former Turbo Rangers their new powers. Together they are able to battle and defeat Astronema's forces for the first time using their new weapons and their new Astro Megazord (which links the space shuttle with the Astro Megaship).

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  • (3)In Space: From Out Of Nowhere, pt. 1

    In Space: From Out Of Nowhere, pt. 1 video

    A mysterious new Red Ranger infiltrates a meeting of Dark Specter's alliance as they celebrate Dark Specter's conquest of Eltar and capture of Zordon. Meanwhile, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley's space flight is interrupted when a large space craft (Astro Megaship) pulls them in.

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  • (4)S.P.D. "Samurai"


    Gruumm transports the alien samurai Katana from ancient Japan to present day Japan via a time portal, and the Rangers are sent to confront the warrior, who is confused by all the changes to his homeland. After being convinced by Broodwing that the Rangers are trying to take over, Katana duels the heroes while Doggie and Kat head to Japan upon being alerted to the presence of a giant robot. Jack uses Commander Cruger's Shadow Saber to defeat Katana honorably in a one-on-one swordfight, and Katana returns to his own time once another time portal opens. Afterwards Cruger told Jack that the Shadow Saber which he lended was not original and Jack could not believe that he had defeated agreed sword master with the fake Shadow Saber.

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