Yellow Ranger

  • (1)Ranger Yellow, Part 1

    Ranger Yellow, Part 1 video

    Tenaya 7 attacks Corinth with the Boombot while the Rangers and Doctor K answer questions from some school kids, which makes Summer remember her past as a spoiled rich kid. The Rangers fight and destroy the Boombot, only to discover it is a decoy and that Tenaya 7 has gone in search of a rare black diamond owned by Summer's parents. After defeating Tenaya 7, Summer tells the other Rangers that she promised to get married if her parents gave her enough space and let her temporarily become a Ranger until sometime later in the future when she would be taken back home.

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  • (2)Yellow Ranger, Part 2

    Yellow Ranger, Part 2 video

    Summer's parents reveal to her that they are broke, and need her to marry Chaz Winchester for his family's money. Dillon and Scott are still arguing about whether or not Summer is making the right decision on going along with the marriage to get the diamond, and keep it safe from Tenaya 7.

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  • (3)It's a Mad Mad Mackerel

    It's a Mad Mad Mackerel video

    NO FRKira gets an internship on the Funky Fisherman Show, only to realize how unhappy she is with her new job. Meanwhile, Elsa kidnaps the fisherman's sidekick, Marty the Mackerel, and transforms him into Mad Mackerel to battle the Rangers. AMES OF BLACK

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