Power Rangers Ninja Storm

  • (1)Ninja Storm: "Beauty and the Beach"

    Ninja Storm:

    When Lothor's minions appeal to Tori's vanity, they lure her to a photo shoot then create her doppelganger to help them infiltrate the Ninja Ops.

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  • (2)Ninja Storm: "Looming Thunder"

    Ninja Storm:

    The others question Dustin's commitment to the Rangers when it seems he is spending too much time with his new motocross buddies, Blake and Hunter.

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  • (3)Ninja Storm: "Prelude To A Storm"

    Ninja Storm:

    When all the Ninja Academies in the world are destroyed by Lothor, only three young students, Shane, Tori and Dustin are not captured. Their Sensei gives them the powers to become the Wind Ninja Power Rangers and the daunting mission of saving the world.

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  • (4)Ninja Storm: "There's No I In Team"

    Ninja Storm:

    When Shane decides to take on the Mad Magnet monster by himself, he learns that it takes teamwork and trust to overcome obstacles and maintain friendships.

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  • (5)Ninja Storm: "Thunder Strangers, Part 1"

    Ninja Storm:

    The Thunder Rangers use the Tsunami Cycles and their Thunder Megazord to try and defeat the Wind Rangers.

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  • (6)Ninja Storm: "Thunder Strangers, Part 2"

    Ninja Storm:

    The Amphibidor monster tries to drain the city dry. Hunter and Blake reveal that they are the Thunder Rangers.

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