Time Force Recap

  • (1)Blue Streak"

    Blue Streak

    31st century champion racecar driver Lucas adjusts to 21st century traffic laws as Trip develops new Vector Cycles for the Rangers.

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  • (2)Force From The Future, Part 1

    Force From The Future, Part 1 video

    In the year 3000 the evil mutant fugitive Ransik escapes the custody of the elite police force known as Time Force.

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  • (3)Force From The Future, Part 2

    Force From The Future, Part 2 video

    Traveling back in time in pursuit of Ransik, the Time Force officers meet the distant ancestor of their former leader.

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  • (4)null

    null video
  • (5)Jen's Revenge

    Jen's Revenge video

    Ransik revives the mutant Fatcatfish and when the Rangers encounter him, Jen recognizes him and has a hard time containing her rage.

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  • (6)Parting Of Ways

    Parting Of Ways video

    Ransik hijacks a bus full of school children and Wes' wealthy father refuses to pay the ransom, prompting Wes to reevaluate his place in the family.

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  • (7)Ransik Lives

    Ransik Lives video

    Ransik kidnaps Wes and takes over a television station to announce his evil plans to the world.

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  • (8)Short Circuited

    Short Circuited video

    Realizing Circuit is the key to the Rangers summoning their Zords, Nadira plots to capture the Rangers' robotic friend.

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  • (9)Something To Fight For"

    Something To Fight For

    Wes weighs his privileged lifestyle against the responsibilities of joining the Power Rangers Time Force as the new Red Ranger.

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