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  • Checkmate: Nobody's Perfect video

    Checkmate: Nobody's Perfect

    Supah Ninjas: "Checkmate: Nobody's Perfect"

    Amanda discovers Checkmate's weakness, but will she have time to stop him from stomping her friends?!?

  • Checkmate: Rooftop Rook video

    Checkmate: Rooftop Rook

    Supah Ninjas: "Checkmate: Rooftop Rook"

    The Supah crew deciphers a map-related mystery and takes a high-flying trip to the city armory.

  • Shadow Fly: Fluttering Ninjas video

    Shadow Fly: Fluttering Ninjas

    Supah Ninjas: "Shadow Fly: Fluttering Ninjas"

    Owen goes viral after a ninja photo gets leaked to the press!

  • Grounded Ninja: Going Rogue video

    Grounded Ninja: Going Rogue

    Supah Ninjas: "Grounded Ninja: Going Rogue"

    Mike rushes to get home before his dad and forgets to put on a key piece of clothing.

  • Supah Ninjas: "Kid Q: Science Fair" video

    Supah Ninjas: "Kid Q: Science Fair"

    Supah Ninjas: "Kid Q: Science Fair"

    Owen needs some ideas for the upcoming science fair!

  • Cheer Fever: Spirit Week video

    Cheer Fever: Spirit Week

    Supah Ninjas: "Cheer Fever: Spirit Week"

    Amanda can be cheesy when she needs to stop a prank.

  • Flirting with Fire video

    Flirting with Fire

    Supah Ninjas: "Finding Forster: Flirting with Fire"

    Amanda's burning desire for criminal mastermind Flint may lead the ninja gang into some serious trouble!

  • DJ Elephant Head: Fighting to the Beat video

    DJ Elephant Head: Fighting to the Beat

    Supah Ninjas: "DJ Elephant Head: Fighting to the Beat"

    The Ninjas synch up their fighting skills to some dance beats to save the day.