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  • Ghost In The Lion video

    Ghost In The Lion

    Voltron Force: "Ghost In The Lion"

    An imposter has taken over control of the Blue Lion!, thus, ruining Voltron Force's vacation!

  • Ghost In The Lion video

    Ghost In The Lion

    Voltron Force: "Ghost In The Lion"

    Voltron battles it out with King Lotor and his Mastodon Robeast in a search for Allura!

  • Gary video


    Voltron Force: "Gary"

    When the Voltron force can't do it alone, they team up with the space mice to help defeat Gary!

  • I, Voltron video

    I, Voltron

    Voltron Force: "I, Voltron"

    Cadet Daniel's consciousness is accidentally transferred into Voltron's robotic body as he suddenly finds himself the living embodiment of the Defender of the Universe!

  • Crossed Signals video

    Crossed Signals

    Voltron Force: "Crossed Signals"

    The Voltron Force receives a distress call from the past that leads them to a haunted spaceship graveyard where Lotor also awaits.

  • Roots of Evil video

    Roots of Evil

    Voltron Force: "Roots of Evil"

    While battling a plant-like Robeast, Allura must choose between becoming Queen of Arus or remaining the Blue Lion Pilot.

  • The Army of One video

    The Army of One

    Voltron Force: "The Army of One"

    King Lotor is replicated into a powerful army of clones who attempt to take over Planet Arus and destroy Voltron forever!

  • Deceive and Conquer video

    Deceive and Conquer

    Voltron Force: "Deceive and Conquer"

    The Voltron Force takes on a fully powered King Lotor!

  • Black video


    Voltron Force: "Black"

    In Voltron Force's final battle, Castle Doom transforms into the largest Robeast ever and sets out to destroy the Galaxy Alliance!